Note: is a division of Silverbirch Productions/Mastering

“After years mastering albums in New York and LA, as well as Toronto, I brought a project to Andy a couple of years back and was blown away by his work. The facilities and the staff at Silverbirch made it a great experience but most important, Andy has world class ears and a great heart. I’ve brought several more albums to him since, and have never been disappointed. Here’s to many more!”

James Bryan (producer/guitarist)

Solo artist, producer and a member/co-founder of The Philosopher Kings and Prozzak, Juno, Gold and Platinum award winning artists.

Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Toronto, Canada

“Silverbirch Productions is a first rate facility and we rely on Andy Krehm and
his excellent staff for the expertise they bring to every project that we send them.
Their hard work has played a big part in our numerous Juno and Blues Music award nominations”.

Andrew Galloway, Electro-Fi Records.”

(Producer/Executive Producer, Electro-Fi Records)

Over 40 titles in the Electro-Fi Catalog have been mastered by Andy Krehm

“Hey Andy,
The New Hope/Priestess master arrived yesterday and I just got through listening to it and I think it really sounds great…great job!


Rod Swenson

Producer of the Wendy O Williams/Plasmatics albums, New Jersey, USA”

Wendy O Williams/Plasmatics “entire Plasmatics Media Catalog” remastered by Andy Krehm

“Hi Andy,

Thanks again for your wonderful help on the album. The sonic quality is also becoming quite a talk around the industry people here. Thanks again for a job well done.



A&R / Project Manager
Sony BMG Thailand

Thu, 2 Oct 2008”

BrandNew SunsetBrandNew Sunset, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., mastered by Andy Krehm

Thanks Andy. The master sounds great. You and Alec did a wonderful job.

All the best,

Holger Petersen,

Edmonton, Alberta, Thu, 21 May 2009

Mastered by Andy Krehm for Stoney Plain Records:

Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards – It’s Tight Like That Stony Plain Records

Jeff HealeyMess Of Blues, Stony Plain Records/Ruf Records

Jeff HealeySongs From The Road, Stony Plain Records/Warner Music

Other Jeff Healey titles mastered by Andy Krehm:

Jeff HealeyAdventures In Jazzland, HealeyOphonic Records
Jeff HealeyAmoung Friends, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

For some thoughts and recollection of Andy on his work with Jeff Healey, see this link


Your passion and integrity have created an amazing atmosphere for new talent of all levels to flourish. If only the majority of this industry put as much of themselves into their work. Then again you wouldn’t stand out like you do!

Thanks again,


Terry Sawchuk, Sat Nov 12 01:58:42 2005, Nashville, Tn.

(16 time gold and platinum award winning mixer and/or producer for Matt Dusk, Our Lady Peace, Tomi Swick, Ron Sexmith, Simon Wilcox, etc., and signed to Sony/ATV as a songwriter)

Albums/singles/EPs mixed and/or produced by Terry Sawchuk and mastered by Andy Krehm:

Matthew-Aaron DuskThe Way It Is, Royal Crown Records

Matt DuskCool Yule, Decca/Universal

Matt DuskMiracle, Decca/Universal

Matt DuskPeace On Earth, Decca/Universal

Tomi Swick“EP & Promo Tracks”, Wea/Warner

Ron SexsmithHow On Earth (Radio Single), Warner

Eleanor McCain“EP & Promo Tracks”, Retriever Records

Chris NathanWords, Indie

Simon WilcoxSmart Function, SHErecords/BMG

etc., etc.

“I decided to release a CD from two separate live recorded evenings and Andy made the over-all sound consistent, and congruent, and was able to fix a bass volume problem that seemed impossible. A great job.
P.J. Perry, January 02, 2005, Edmonton, Alberta”
P.J. Perry “Time Flies” Justin Time Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

“Hi Andy,

The sound you pulled out of the duo recording is wonderful. I never liked this recording until you mastered it.. somehow you revealed another level of musical detail that I wasn’t really attuned to before.

David Braid, Aug 22 08:47:53 2006, Toronto, Canada

(Pianist and Producer, 3 Juno Nominations and 1 Juno Winner)

Brubeck Braid “Twotet/Deuxtet (Matt Brubeck, cello, David Braid, piano), Mastered by Andy Krehm

Other David Braid Albums mastered by Andy Krehm:

David Braid – Vivid: The David Braid Sextet Live, Indie

David Braid Sextet – Zhen (David Braid Sextet Live Volume II), Indie

Nimmons’n’Braid Live – Beginnings

Nehring, Koller, & Braid – Set In Stone, Effendi Records

“Hi Andy,

We must be doing something right! Everybody in the band is ecstatic about
the mastering. The sound quality stands up to everything I played it against.

You did a great job, and that Ampex tape recorder is a great addition to your studio. What a warm sound!!!!

Al Lerman,

Fathead, Toronto, Canada”

FatheadBlues Weather, Electro-Fi Records Inc. Juno Award winner

FatheadWhere’s Your Head At?, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

FatheadFirst Class Riff-Raff, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

FatheadLivelier Than Ever!, Indie

FatheadFathead, Festival Distribution, Inc.

FatheadBuilding Full Of Blues, Electro-Fi Records, Juno Award winner

FatheadWhere’s The Blues Taking Me”, Electro-Fi Records

all titles manufactured by Silverbirch and mastered by Andy Krehm (except for Livelier Than Ever! & Fathead)

“Hey Andy…

Everything sounds great…

sounding incredible!!

You seriously made this album come to life bro… Could never thank u enough for all ur time efforts and talents!!!


Wed, 6 Aug 2008 18:04:56, New York, NY”

Man On EarthThe Time Spent Wondering, Indie, produced by Ken Lewis, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hey Andy-

This sounds GREAT on our end!

We look forward to hearing more of your work on this project!

Fred Balboni,

Balboni Communications Group, Boston, NE, Mon, 3 Aug 2009

Thirteen Yards to Victory (13 YTV) American Dreamers EP, Balboni Communications Group, produced by Ken Lewis, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hello Andy,

this is Enrico Crivellaro. I never had a chance to meet you or even email you, but I have been meaning to get in touch with you for a long time and thank you for the fantastic job you did in mastering the two CD’s that I made for Electro-Fi (one under my name and the more recent one by Finis Tasby). Andrew Galloway speaks very highly of you and I can definitely understand why–every CD I’ve heard, that you mastered, sounds outstanding.

I am writing also because I just finished recording a soon-to-be CD with my European organ trio–Hammond B-3, drums, and guitar. We would definitely like to send the mixes to you for the mastering. Please let me know if and when you have time to do it.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Enrico Crivellaro, 23 Nov 2005

Enrico Crivellaro featuring Finis Tasby + James Harman “Key To My Kingdom” Electro-Fi Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hi Andy,

airmail was very quick–I received the master two days ago and Raphael did today. We both think it sounds killer! As always you did a fantastic job. The sound is way nicer now and I particularly like the bottom end, which is often a big concern on organ trio records.

Thank you very much! The CD should be ready in January, I will send you a copy. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas, and I hope we’ll get to work together again in the near future.


Enrico Crivellaro, 11 Dec 2005

Enrico Crivellaro – Raphael Wressnig Organ Trio, “Mosquito Bite”, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hey Andy!

GREAT, GREAT stuff. I really like the master to our CD “Mosquito bite”.

If you have time I would like to have you to master my new Solo CD – I´ll have the mix in the first days of january – so the mixing engineer could send you all the stuff to your server in the first days of Jan. Do ya have time to master that one then? Little bit more souljazzy stuff…

I wish you all the best, merry X-mas and a happy new year!

Raphael Wressnig, 24 Dec 2005

Enrico Crivellaro – Raphael Wressnig Organ Trio, “Mosquito Bite”, mastered by Andy Krehm

Great Andy!
Sounds great as always.
Thanks man,

Raphael Wressnig, 24 Jan. 2006

Raphael Wressnig’s Organic Trio “BOOM BELLO!”, mastered by Andy Krehm

Bruce and Ron

I got the cds. They look great!!!
Nice to see the cd the way it is supposed to look.
Thanks a bunch to both of you for doing such an efficient job.

Mike Whitla
Rainbow Songs Inc
27 Feb. 2006

Mike Whitla “Early Morning Knee Slappin’ Tunes” Rainbow Songs, manufactured by Silverbirch Productions and mastered by Andy Krehm

The mastering work done by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions was so close to perfect that you can say it’s perfect!!!

Rick Zaida, Juke

Juke “A New Beginning”, manufactured by Silverbirch and mastered by Andy Krehm

Hi Andy –

Everything sounds great. Many thanks, again, for doing a great job on the disc.

All the best,

Andy Sheppard
Host – After Hours
CBC Radio Two

Andy Sheppard “Andy Sheppard”, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hi Andy

Just wanted to let you know the song sounds great! I’ll let you know about the stem mixing/mastering the rest of the album when we get closer to finishing. Thanks for the great work!


Ashton Price

Morph Productions | Producer/Writer


Awesome job! They sound great – I’m really impressed! You can send
the master at your earliest convenience to my work address that I
gave you.

Thanks again for doing such a great a job. I’ll definitely recommend
Silver Birch Productions in the future.

Jeff Coghill

The Coggs “Blackjack And Cigarettes”, mastered by Andy Krehm

“Hi Ron:

Thanks so much and I really do appreciate all of your extra time and special
attention. I love working with you and Silverbirch as a whole. You are all
such kind, generous and fun, and GREAT people. The results speak for
themselves and I love referring you and will continue too. Please thank
Andy again for the T-shirt. My boyfriend is loving his. And his name is Lee
Wallace, just in case the day comes and he walks in.



Laura Nashman many CDs mastered and/or manufactured at Silverbirch

Hi guys!

Just wanted to send all of you a quick shout out to say Thanks! A big thanks from recording, mixing, mastering, design and production. I have had a lot of fun with this project and do wish to extend my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and assistance in making this a great experience for me.

I have launched my website if you guys want to take a look: <> and I do hope that I will be bugging all of you again in the future.
This has been an absolute delight and I have all you to thank!



Toronto, Ont, Sat, 13 Oct 2007

Thanks for the great job yesterday… the cd sounds awesome… and thanks for educating us on the process, it’ll help us in the future…

We’ll probably be by some time soon to get some cds pressed…


“Hi Ron / Bruce

Thanks to you and your team for the excellent job, perfection! Much, much

appreciated! Hope to get back to you with more production in the near




Hi Andy.

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how GREAT my disc

sounds… better than I ever could have dreamed. It has all the qualities

now I couldn’t put on it myself–warmth, sparkle and all that. And the

bottom end PUMPS, especially on track 9.

Am getting the final design materials together for the manufacturing and

will bring it in sometime in the next two weeks. Had a nice chat with Ron

when I came in to pick it up, he is a great guy too.

I am finishing up my first vinyl releases and will be bringing them in

sometime this spring. I feel a lot more confident in my mixes now knowing

what can be done to them at your end.


Terry Gambarotto

Fool Skool”

Hi Ron

Just want to say thanks so much for turning this project around so quickly

for us. All went well and everyone was happy.


Lisa Shields

Ontario Power Generation

A/V and Graphics Design Supervisor”

“Hey Andy:

Thank you so much for the great sound — stellar job as usual!!

Over the last couple of days, I’ve tried the master out on a number of

different systems and it translates incredibly well. My brother was saying

he couldn’t believe how clear the mixes sounded…. and I definitely agree!

Take it easy,


Jamie Bonk “My World” Bonk Productions

“Hi Andy,
When I walked into Silverbirch I hoped you and Terry could salvage what I started a few years back. Let me say the work that was done exceeded my expectations and lived up to my hopes.
Where this project was when I walked in the door in June and where it is now can only be measured in light years! It now sounds like a CD and I can play it for people without trotting out that old tired list of excusess. Who could ask for anything more? I want to thank you both. You will be hearing from me again.”
Marc Lessard aka six odd souls
Mixed by Terry Sawchuk & mastered by Andy Krehm


I had my single “choked up” which was on heavy rotation on FLOW 93.5 this past summer which was mastered at your studio for an amazing price and really nice quality.

thank you for your time and continued success,


Hi Andy,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the great work you did mastering our material. Steve and I listened to the mastered mixes and we were both amazed at how infinitely better it all sounds! We really enjoyed the experience and hope to work with you again.


Andrew Hunter,

Trench Run

Hello Ron,

I just wanted to follow up on the Cd you made for the Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble. It is wonderful. Bruce did a great job with the insert and everyone who has purchased it is enjoying it so much. Thank you for your professional work. At this time, we may be 1/2 sold and I was wondering how long it would take to make a second run, if we should need it. How many days will it take to run another 500 copies?

Take care. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and thanks again.

Barb Monahan

Hey Andy,

Thanks for doing a great job! Everyone here is very pleased. Many compliments on the organic nature of the sound.

We are planning a record release for January, so if you’re around Edmonton in January…. We’ll have a ticket on reserve for you. Thanks for putting the icing on an already great album, we appreciate the ears!!

Thanks Again!

Chris Smith

Andrea House, “Hearts Hotel” House Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hiya Andy,

Chyrell’s cd sounds amazing! I played the cd for one of my singer

friends and he was moved by Chyrell’s singing; I told him that the mastering

made a difference in bringing out Chyrell’s vocal’s character and

expression. I can always count on you for superior mastering

Rodney Ronquillo

Hello Andy:

Thanks again for the wonderful job you’ve been doing mastering my records… here are two of the finished products for you!

Gareth Jones

Upper Class Recordings/EMI

The Russian Futurists, The Cansecos & Girlsareshort mastered by Andy Krehm

hi andy…

the stuff sounds awesome!!! exactly what we we’re hearing. thank you so much.

Subject: Ionia mastering, nyc

Thu, 17 Mar 2005

Hi Ron, Hi Shandy,

On behalf of Joe Serafini, the owner of Crunch and our clients, Clive
and Pat Dunstan at The St. James United Church, I wish to extend our
thanks to both of you for everything.

Shandy, the client was extremely pleased with the final product. The
design you came up with, based on very little input from us, was

Ron, thank you for ensuring that we hit our deadline. You were
extremely helpful to me in this process.

The Church has already sold 600 copies. And I believe that that was
from the exposure at this past Sunday service alone!


Toronto, Ont, Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hi Andy,

I’m hoping you’ll remember mastering my polka record, the Ed Vrscay Trio on March the 18th.

I just realized I never got back to you to let you know (as if it wasn’t obvious at this point) that the master turned out flawlessly.  There were no audible anomalies on the CD itself and sonically the record is incredible thanks to you!

Hope to work with you again sometime soon,


hey andy, the master is really wicked. thank you so much! Tamara and I are very happy with it… no touchups needed. it sounds perfect.

thanks again,


Tamara Podemski “Crack in the Floor” Produced by Karen Kosowski, mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions

Hi Andy,

How’s it going? We have both listened to the tracks and they sound great!

Nice job!!

Take care and see you soon.


Decoded Feedback “Combustion” Out Of Line Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hey Andy

We have all had a week to listen to the album on many different systems, and we all agree…..

it sounds awesome. we do not require any tweeking. we are happy with the low vocal level in places. its exactly what we were going for.


Ass Machine “We Are Changing Our Name”, mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions, 2005

Hey Andy,

As usual……, nothing but Excellence. It sounds Great……..!

Great job!!!

Thank you so much,


Hmura “Face The Sun”, mastered by Andy Krehm, 2005

hi andy – kim addison here…just did a search for myself on the internet cuz someone said there was a cool page about me that i didn’t even know about – and i realised that i was listed on your client contact link page – just to let you know you can link my name to my website if you wouldn’t mind… my website is

thanks and cheers! hope all is well with you! PS: my album’s been doing quite well – getting significant airplay on many stations here in TO but a ton in the US! it’s cool! thanks for all you guys did for me! i am getting a lot of sales from my website!!! people even email me from the states an ask for an autographed photo!!! very neat!

glad peoplea are enjoying it!


Kim Addison “Born To Be Blue”, mixed by Terry Sawchuk, mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions


I had previously corresponded with someone from your company months ago about getting my cd’s made through your company. You guys were most helpful and your website was also the best and most informative site on cd duplication in toronto. That is what originally made me want to do business with you, so know that it works well!

looking forward to hearing from you.


Chris Woodrow

Hi Andy,

Hope all is well. Just want you to know Ron and Bruce are great to work with. They are always helpful.

Jim Duchesneau
Musique Jacquot &

Sound Language Solutions


Thanks, I feel like you guys know what you’re doing!- takin’ good care of me

start to finish!

Dean Wolfe

Hi Ron,

Thanks very much for all your good work on these projects for us. Our final shipment of CD’s arrived today. Thanks again. In the future, we promise to get you the originals well in advance of the deadline so things won’t be such a rush for the next time around.

Thanks again Ron,

Deirdre Park

Program Coordinator

Center for Inner Freedom

Barrie, Ontario

Dear Bruce,

Thank you so much for your great work on my CD.I love the colour scheme on

the CD itself. Also thank you for getting it to Peterborough for Friday. It

has already gone into distribution.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Sharon Murphy


Hi Andy,

Great job on the Master. Should be pressed, printed, and packaged by the end of the week. Words can’t thank you enough. Ryan and Sam (The Weber Brothers) have always been impressed with your work. Now, I certainly understand. Thanks, man!

Rick Weber (Pap)

Pap And The Wildcats “The Line”, mastered by Andy Krehm


When I come to Silverbirch, it’s synonymous with being happy!

Pablo Terry

Pablo Terry “Life Is A Dream” Sol De Cuba, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry “Una Manana” Sol De Cuba, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry “South America Sensual” Sol De Cuba, mixed by Ted Onyszczak, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry “Christmas Flute” Sol De Cuba, mixed by Terry Sawchuk, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

thanks Andy…

I’m really happy with the way the album sounds. I’ll get a copy down to you soon.

take care,


Michael Herring’s Vertigo featuring David Binney Coniferous Revenge, Independent

hi andy,

we spoke on the phone a few weeks ago and i had mentioned that jordan zadorozny had originally sent me to have an album (the flying public) mastered with you about a year ago and we were both really pleased with the price and results.

i have a new project now and want to have four short songs mastered, we have just finished mixing and i think we’re all ready to go.

please let me know if you can help us out!