Did you ever wonder how those video clips, lyrics, bios and link-to-website can be put on a CD? The process of combining the visuals with the audio is called authoring and the name of the disc is an Enhanced CD. These CDs respond like any other CD when played in a CD player but when put in a computer, offer your fans a variety of visuals.

Enliven your customers CD experience with our Enhanced CD production services. If you have a video, web, flash or other content you’d like added to your CD, we can do it for you. Our Enhanced CD authoring rates start at $150 for our basic package.

We can put your content onto CD and have it automatically load when your customer puts the CD into his computer. While Enhanced CD content can’t be played in set-top DVD players, there is a much wider variety of content and formats that can be utilized such as QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash, and HTML to name just a few.

Our basic package is $150 and we will take the media you provide and put it on a CD Master that is manufacturing ready. We can provide auto-load functionality to just about whatever content you give us. If your data isn’t quite ready or in a format that is supported with Enhanced CDs, we offer a range of extra services at truly affordable rates to help you prepare it for the Enhanced CD format. For instance, video conversion is $50/hour and Flash creation is $80/hour.

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