Online Payment Options:

Onlinemastering has a number of options for you to pay online.

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Paypal. Click here for these payment options.*

Please note that while we will accept PayPal, it has the highest fee for us (4.5%!) so we prefer, in this order, Interac e-Transfers, Visa and Mastercard. If PP is the only way you can pay, no problem. As well, when paying with paypal, please use our online software and not a direct payment to our store paypal address, as this insures properĀ amountsĀ and country currency are used.

Interac e-Transfers:

This method is usually the least expensive way to pay on-line for both the buyer and seller! If you are not familiar with this, check out the links below.

Email the info to Andy Krehm

For More info:

Interac e-Transfers:
Scroll down and click on #3 for how to do it.

*( is a division of Silverbirch Productions as is the Silverbirch music store which we use for payments)